Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The American Wild Persimmon is worth the forage but takes skill. Persimmon Pudding is dedicated to preserving the wild persimmon.
The Haachiya persimmon has to be completely ripe or it is very puckery.

The fuyu persimmon that looks like a squashed tomato the most consumer friendly. Edible over a longer period of time and easierto use.

"Why Eat It

The persimmon, with its beautiful, brilliant orange-red glossy skin, arrives in markets just as summer is ending. Nevertheless, it hasn't become as popular in the United States as it has in Japan, where the fruit is widely cultivated and as eagerly consumed as oranges are in the West. Though there are native persimmon trees in the United States, the varieties that Americans eat were brought here from Japan in the late 19th century (and are now grown mainly in California). Persimmons are well worth trying not only for their exceptional flavor but also for their beta-carotene; they also have some Vitamin C and potassium."
Everything you might ever want to know about persimmons.

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