Thursday, June 11, 2009

This week at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market

Early girl tomatoes from Rhodes Family Farm, arugla and basil from Ortiz Bros, apricots and meyer lemons from DeSantis Farms, cucumbers from Bernier, squash from the Patch, saute green mix from Triple T and jack cheese from Spring Hill.

Spicy Peach Pasta Sauce

Saute peeled sliced peaches with the greens of your choice,I used argula. I added garlic and red pepper flakes. If you wanted to "beef" it up you could also add meat or fish at this point. Prepare wholewheat pasta - once the pasta is cooked add it and a small amount of the pasta water to the peaches and cook together for a few minutes.
Serve with parmesan cheese.

Monday, June 8, 2009

tomato pie

Chop fresh tomatoes with a bit of olive oil and garlic and spoon it over wholewheat flatbread, top with some parmesan cheese (or the cheese of your choice) Wholewheat dough is easy to make and is very versatile
Wholewheat dough is available in the refrigerator case of many grocery stores and Bobobli has a wholewheat option as well.

What's inside the box?

No box this year, but I am shopping at the Santa Rosa Farmers Farmers Market.
This week early girl tomatoes from Rhodes Family Farm, tangelos from DeSantis Farms, argula from Ortiz Bros,braising greens from Triple T, sweet white onion from The Patch, a red onion and garlic from Bernier and cosmetically challenged fruit from Nuefeld. and artichoke lemon pesto from Home Maid