Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miners Lettuce

High in Vitamin C and A
Also called Indian Lettuce
The nickname comes from the 49'er goldrush - the miners ate the plant to keep from getting scurvy.

I stirfried a bit and used as a sandwich filling --good tasting and good for you.

from Edible Seattle "Miner’s lettuce is a beginning forager’s dream: It’s easy to identify (the leaf that grows all around the stem is a dead giveaway), tastes mild and pleasant and grows abundantly like a weed. Don’t go looking for lettuce, though. “Lettuce” is an unlikely description for this small plant. Growing about 4 to 6 inches tall, each skinny petiole is topped with a succulent pea-green “bowl” or “plate” turned to the sky, a cluster of tiny pinkish-white blossom popping out through the center; young basal leaves sprout out like heart-shaped paddles. Every part—from leaf to stem to flower—of the plant is edible and unlike many wild edibles, miner’s lettuce doesn’t turn bitter when it blooms.
Once you’ve spotted miner’s lettuce, you’ll have a windfall. It grows in fairly thick stands and harvest can be quick. The wild plant also self-sows readily, so while you’re always advised to go from patch to patch when picking wild edibles, you don’t have to worry about over-picking it.
Like all lettuce, miner’s lettuce leaves can be used raw in salads. Best used fresh and tiny, the succulent leaves are fairly bland and are almost indistinguishable from other loose-leaf salads. Its taste and texture bear nothing exotic, but miner’s lettuce brings with it the fresh, wild flavor of the outdoors and has a good crunch. The delicate blossoms also make a very pretty garnish. "

If you’d rather have miner’s lettuce close and at your disposal, grow it in your home garden. It is easily domesticated and seeds are available from many vegetable seed purveyors like Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Maine) and Territorial Seed Company (Oregon).

Related names:
See the more inclusive parent record Claytonia perfoliata.
See a list of other species in the genus Claytonia found in California.

Wetlands: usually occurs in non wetlands, but occasionally found on wetlands [U.S. Fish & Wildlife Svc.]

Elevation: between 0 and 6561 feet [Calflora 2004 (m)]

Claytonia perfoliata ssp. mexicana, a dicot, is an annual herb that is native to California and is also found outside of California, but is confined to western North America [Lum/Walker].

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dinner Party

Seafood Lasagne and Mom's wild blueberry pie hmmmm good
and started with lemon artichoke dip from Home Maid with a wholewheat baguette from Full Circle Baking. Salad greens from Ortiz Brothers Farm and salad dressing courtesy of Pavone Sage Vinegar.

The seafood was tuna caught locally and wild bay shrimp. I bought the seafood at Oliver's and even with the Wednesday senior discount, it would have been cheaper at Santa Rosa Seafoods at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market.

The lasagne has five layers noodles, seafood, cheese sauce, ricotta/vegetables, and shredded cheese. Cook the lasagne noodles(you can use no cook too), the shrimp came cooked and I shredded the tuna in the food processor and then browned it. The ricotta has an egg mixed in with sauteed chopped bok choy, capers,and preserved meyer lemon, the cheese sauce was half and half with parmesan,mozzarella.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first radishes

"We seldom think of a simple radish as a source of nutrition. A close look reveals that it is largely made up of water (more than 90 percent) yet contains as much potassium as bananas and about half the ascorbic acid of oranges. Radishes are also an excellent source of vitamin C and folate and a good source of magnesium. Radishes are members of the mustard family."

These are literally the first radishes I've been able to grow. I've tried to grow them before with no success. This year, I used a large window box and was able to keep the predators far.

They were quite tasty in a form of the french breakfast sandwich

The original version of the sandwich
is salt, butter, french bread and sliced radishes. Use your imagination.

My radish plantation, the first harvest and radishes on wholewheat with butter and seas salt.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shrimp sandwich

Shrimp from Santa Rosa Seafood (local), wholewheat bread, celery from Ortiz Bros., meyer lemon juice and a bit of cheese.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Market Treat

The Wednesday Santa Rosa market Ortiz Brothers argula, Parson's tomatoes and tiny fresh and local shrimp from Santa Rosa Seafood...add a bit of cheese from Springhill and a pasta (wholewheat of course)dish that is fast, fresh, local and seasonal.

Santa Rosa Farmers Market