Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Ever Greens Kale with cheddar and a hint of heat

At a recent party, I was parked near the buffet table and watched people take a tiny bit of a vegetable dish --and then come back for a lot more. I had to try it. It was creamy good with just a hint of heat. The dish was made from this recipe
and really what's not to like a stick of butter and a pound of cheddar cheese for two pounds of greens.

The woman who made the dish for the party said she had made it on other occasions using half the cheese and in my version I used even less plus I sauteed the greens in olive oil and used a couple of tablespoons of butter instead of a quarter pound. And it is still as good! I used kale from Ortiz Bros. Farms and a sage/cheddar from Spring Hill and it was a good.

For a special occasion use all the butter and all the cheese and it is the main course.

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