Wednesday, January 28, 2009

whole wheat ONLY pizza dough

1 teaspoon dry active yeast, 4 cups whole wheat flour, 2 cups warm water.
Proof the yeast (put it in the 2 cups of warm water and make sure the yeast bubbles)
Add one cup of the whole wheat flour and run the food processor for five minutes. Then add the remainder of the flour slowly until the dough is soft but not sticky. Let rise until double in bulk probably around 90 minutes. This dough freezes well.

The dough can be used for pizza and other breads such as pita.
My pizza has vegetable shreds which I blanch first

heat the oven to 450 -pizza cooks for around 10 minutes depending on the size
and the pita from 4 to 6 minutes.

One of the complaints about whole wheat pizza crusts is they are too dense...just use less dough then you would for a white flour pizza. Also not adding oil to the dough makes it less dense.

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