Sunday, August 17, 2008

pizza dough---no more white bread for me!

I love pizza and for the most part have made the dough using white flour. I have been working on
a whole wheat version-using some corn meal as well. Yesterday I made a deep dish pizza for a pot luck using all white flour and was surprised at how bland and tasteless it seemed after the whole wheat version.

A friend who has worked for many years perfecting his pizza crust gave me a tip that for whatever reasons really works. He uses a stand mixer with a dough hook --I use a food processor but I let it knead in the machine for about five minutes. Perfect crust matter which ingredients used.

The ratio I am using now are 2 whole wheat to 1 corn meal. Corn flour also works and gives a crisper lighter crust. One of the tricks to getting a less dense whole wheat crust is to just use less dough and adjust the baking time. I also crank my oven up to the highest setting but I don't use the tiles or pizza stones.

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