Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first radishes

"We seldom think of a simple radish as a source of nutrition. A close look reveals that it is largely made up of water (more than 90 percent) yet contains as much potassium as bananas and about half the ascorbic acid of oranges. Radishes are also an excellent source of vitamin C and folate and a good source of magnesium. Radishes are members of the mustard family."

These are literally the first radishes I've been able to grow. I've tried to grow them before with no success. This year, I used a large window box and was able to keep the predators away...so far.

They were quite tasty in a form of the french breakfast sandwich

The original version of the sandwich
is salt, butter, french bread and sliced radishes. Use your imagination.

My radish plantation, the first harvest and radishes on wholewheat with butter and seas salt.

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Jamie said...

The radishes look luscious, and there were intriguing questions on the blog you linked to. I wonder if people are making their own toothpaste?