Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday - Early Bird Special

In honor of the birthdays of two friends (both turning 65) I had a dinner party. It was fun to plan the menu around the Santa Rosa Farmers Market vendors. Of course there were the dietary restriction --no(or low) carbs, heart healthy, and no tomatoes (heartburn), and on and on. The NYTIMES had a great recipe for cauliflower I made a few changes. I used beluga lentils instead of beans and couscous and instead of tomato paste -a sauce of meyer lemon juice, cilantro,garlic and fresh jalapenos. I bought fresh, locally caught halibut and just grilled it. It was expensive at $18+ per pound but well worth it. I started the evening with four dips (not a reference to any guests>) chipotle humus, black olives mixed with oranges(and orange juice) and roasted garlic, blue cheese, ham and cream cheese and hot peanut butter. The big hits the hot peanut butter and the blue cheese.(duh!)
Desserts a lemon meringue pie from Mom's and Indian pudding. I've been making Indian pudding for my friend's birthday for about 35 years. The first time I made it I tinkered with the recipe because I thought honey would taste better than molasses. Everyone thought so except the birthday boy. Ever since I have adhered strictly to the Joy of Cooking version.

What we were drinking: Taft Street Sonoma Coast pinot noir and Menage a Trois from Folie a Duex

And there were also lemon drops made with meyer lemons from my neighbor's tree

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