Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Santa Rosa Farmer's Market March 4

The Wednesday Santa Rosa Market was fun. I asked Ken what was new and different and he pointed to the sprouting purple broccoli. Ken the owner of Orchard Farms, Sebastopol said it's the best flavor of the broccoli. It takes a year to come to harvest and the season is short, about six weeks. It is a lovely color.

The Wednesday Market is filled with friendly vendors and staff. I got a picture of the Samosa lady visiting with the volunteer handing out coupons for seniors. If you are over 60, the Santa Rosa Farmers Market gives you $2.00 in market dollars on Wednesdays only.

The hummus guy
is a Wednesday market regular with lots of samples and discounts if you are buying more than one item. He had a wide variety of flavored hummus, olives, marinated tofu, and whole wheat and white bread pitas.
707 855 5372 Hummus Guy

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