Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hybrid Burger -part veggie part the real deal

Besides fried chicken, I also like hamburgers. This burger is a combination of ground beef, cannelini beans and mushrooms. The beans and mushrooms are cooked and ground before being added to the ground beef mixture. Form into patties and fry them up. I'm working toward a patty that isn't a meatloaf burger but has the texture and taste of hamburger alone. This is pretty good version. It is half beef, 1/4 beans and 1/4 mushrooms. Cook for less time then a regular hamburger as half the ingredients are already cooked. Another important factor is less bun to burger ration. I used the same whole wheat dough I use for my pizza. Adding a little cheese can't hurt. My pet peeve is a cheeseburger with the cheese slapped on and not to be gooey goodness for a real cheeseburger.

Wine Recommendation: old vine zinfandel

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