Sunday, February 22, 2009

Willie Bird Turkey Sausage and Blood Orange Panna Cotta

Oscar Night and plenty of good eats --pictured here a vegetable soup with Willie Bird Turkey Sausage and a blood orange panna cotta with strawberry raspberry sauce.
The turkey soup with locally made sausage was made by Susan Bailyn.
I had the strawberries and raspberries in my freezer and the blood oranges came from the Santa Rosa Farmers Market. Panna Cotta is literally Italian for cooked cream but a better description is really cream jello. Whatever you call it --it is pretty darn good - this version has sections from six blood oranges and the juice (except for the lovely color of the blood orange any orange will work well in this dish.) I also used some chopped chocolate as well. The sauce was just strawberries and raspberries run through the food processor.

Here is an explanation of panna cotta from Mark Bittman

And not all panna cottas are sweet - this for a savory one based on the French Laundry's cauliflower panna cotta

People were drinking Taft Street Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

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