Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is Salsify as good without sour cream and butter? YES!

When I told a friend about how wonderful salsify was she said --probably just the sour cream and butter. So I cooked up the rest --mashed it and used it plain with some jalapenos and onion as a pizza topping. Plain --it is still very very very tasty.
I left one unpeeled --didn't like that so much. And a number of sites have talked about the stickiness of salsify and how it stains your hands while working with it. I found if you rinse it well this was not too much of a problem. It does turn brown quickly if you don't but it in acidulated water although the color change does not change the taste --kind of like grated potatoes turning brown.

Beer with this: Anderson Valley Boont Amber

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