Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meat and Fish are seasonal too!

Fish and meat have seasons just as vegetables do.

This is another list.

Kitchen Basics
Seasonal Buys at the Meat Market

You may have noticed during the summer months that roasts, stew meat and short ribs were priced at a more reasonable price than in the seasons just past. By the same token you'll notice, now that we're firmly in winter's grips, steak prices have dropped by 50% or more. Why? Because meat, especially beef cuts are seasonal purchases. The cuts we crave at present (roasts, stew meats, and short ribs) are in higher demand with cold weather. Steaks, which are primarily served grilled are no longer 'in season'. Luckily, in the South, we can grill nearly year round. We take full advantage of steak being bargain priced.

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