Sunday, January 25, 2009

Homemade, easy condiments winter ingredients

Eating less salt is easier if you use less processed foods. Homemade condiments are easy and better for your. Here are ingredients available in the winter months.

Winter citrus salsa has a lot of uses and no special equipment is required. Chop up the supremes (sections) of a grapefruit and a tangelo but you can substitute your favorite winter selections. Add 1/4 onion (any kind -red onion is especially colorful), a few tablespoons if cilantro leaves, garlic, jalapeno (if you like it hot) or bell pepper for a milder flavor, and a splash of vinegar.
Let it sit for a fifteen minutes. It can be served cold with chips or heated as sauce for an entree.

Chili sauce is an easy winter pick-me-up. Dried chilis toasted and rehydrated and then combined with the citrus of your choice, some garlic cloves, chopped fresh cilantro, 1/4 cup no salt canned tomatoes

Update an article from the LATIMES --a splash of seasonings

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