Monday, July 21, 2008

End of The Week -- what's left?

Left? Collard, dino kale, the little onions -- what to do. With some help from two friends from the internet I made something really good. One suggestion was to add fruit to cooked collards and the second was the use smoked paprika. I had to go to my local big grocery store for some cleaning supplies and I found a good deal on pork. Things were starting to perk along.

I recently had read a story about someone who had made a blackberry mole'. Sounded great.

So I made mulberry mole' with kale and collards. I am going to freeze some and have the rest for breakfast.

Lately I've started making a batch of pizza dough and using small bits for fresh baked bread for each meal as needed. I had mulberry mole' flatbread sandwich.

The smoked paprika enhanced the flavors and the mulberry was a nice balance. I added some ground sesame seeds as well.

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