Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week 9 --inside the box

Pictured here are my neighbor Barbara Bourne taking pictures of "the box" the box and my box buddy Allen Chivers. Aside from the promoted benefits of joining a CSA, I have made a great new friend in Allen. Sol Food Farm matched us to share a box. This is from the note we got this week with the box:
"Vegetables: parsley, beans!!, potatoes, broccoli, collards!, lettuce heads, carrots, summer squash, golden plums!.....
Also a big thank you to Matt who is the farm manager at French Garden Farm. We were calling around to different farms to see what we could trade with them to keep our boxes poppin, and he happened to have some green beans that needed to be picked ASAP. It’s exciting to be working with other farms and farmers because it’s really all about getting good healthy food out to the people.We also did a big mushroom cook with The Sporriors, our friends who have the ways and means of growing oyster mushrooms. They came over, we boiled up some straw, then mixed the mycelium in with new bags of fresh straw, where they do their thing and eventually make new delicious mushrooms. This is all new to us, but hopefully it will work and again keep those boxes unique, like you!"
This has worked out well for me! Whenever I turn on the oven --my goal is multi-tasking. For example, when I baked the tian I also put in a small dish of olive oil and garlic...hmmm some nice garlic oil and roasted garlic sparks up just "plain" vegetable.
The collard green challenge continues - so far pesto, pickled, stewed, roasted and marinated!
What's next?

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