Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vegetables -melty goodness The Tian


It's almost time for the next delivery and let's see what's left: broccoli, a few tiny carrots, summer squashes and potatoes.
I used the broccoli to make broccoli with broccoli. I used a potato peeler to make ribbons of the stems which I sauteed in olive oil and then steamed the florets. I made a parmesan crisp -small amount of grated parmesan cheese in the same pan I used to saute the broccoli until it melts into a disk...just for fun.
The tian is a dish and a the dish it is cooked in. Basically a single layer of whatever vegetables (coat them in vegetable oil) you have topped with cheese and breadcrumbs and baked in a 350 oven for about 30 minutes.
I used squash, potatoes and tomatoes. For the topping - I mixed breadcrumbs, roasted garlic and parmesan cheese. Other versions have more cheeses. It is good hot and cold.
I got the inspiration for the vegetable pastas from Luminous Food my niece's wonderful web site.

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