Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pasta Salads

Pasta salads doesn't have to mean the traditional macaroni salads of the past - The SF Chronicle has an article on the Korean version..the most important advice is "Most cold noodle dishes are simple to make and require little time at the stove. Some of the broths can be made in bulk and refrigerated for several weeks, and many of the noodles are available in dried form, which keep for several months.
After cooking the noodles, dunk them in ice water and rinse thoroughly in cold water. This removes excess starch and will help prevent the noodles from sticking or tasting gummy.
The noodles are then ready to turn into a dish perfect for the warm weather still on the horizon for our always-late Bay Area summer" The flavors or spices can be from any cuisine. Pictured here is my version -peaches, green beans and whole wheat spaghetti, I used a bottled thai peanut sauce but a any salad dressing would work too. It is peach season...

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