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Eating less meat doesn't have to mean tiny burgers...

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by Acme Instant Food
Oh "YUCKO" I hear you scream! Hang on! Not so fast...these are delicious!
This isn't an original idea. People have been adding fruits to ground beef in order to increase moisture, flavor and reduce fat and cholesterol for years. Burgers can be made in this manner from leaner cuts of beef without toughening up and tasting like a piece of sun-dried raccoon leather. That's great news to anyone interested in shaving calories and saturated fat from their diet.

Adding cherries (and some other fruit) to ground beef makes a better burger.

" The cherry burger
was invented in the early 1990s when Ray Pleva and his daughter, Cindy, shocked the meat industry with the tasty new invention. The end product, Plevalean, is now marketed in 17 states through the school lunch program and several other marketing outlets.

The Plevalean cherry burger has 65 percent less fat, 16 percent more protein, 150 fewer calories, 91 percent lean beef and "is moister, juicier and, most importantly, tastes great!" said Phil Korson, president of the Cherry Marketing Institute Inc."

You can buy the patented variety or make your own.
From Slashfood... or this version at four obsessions

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