Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week Twenty

Sol Food Farm

week 20.
October 14th, 2008

Box contains: basil, lettuce, carrots, dino kale, collards, heirloom collards, peppers, broccoli, apples, plums

Apples and plums are from Twim Peaks Orchard. Thanks Ed.

It’s week twenty here at the farm. Still getting a few more transplants into the ground like Napa cabbage, lettuce, bok choi, and more broccoli. Then we can take down the hoop house! Clean up the plastic and prepare the frame for the next year. Then it’s basically weeding what is in the ground now and we can start to relax. Brian likes to tell me to relax and then I like to yell back, in a strained angry voice, “I am relaxed!” It’s one of the many ways that we have fun here working with each other all day long. I must say I am singing more fiercely than ever. Ingrid and I have been singing the I believe I can fly song all morning. We’re really good.


Salad. Make a salad.

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